Can There Really Be a Free Home Security System?

Can There Really Be a Free Home Security System?

A free home security system?  Really?  Yes, really.  What you are about to read isn’t some way of getting a physical security system without cost, but it is about things anyone can do to make their home more secure – and they are absolutely free.  A “system” is not a physical thing, it is a way of doing something.  Following is a list of things you can do, for free, that will make your home more secure.

Turn on your lights

Burglars rely on being unseen.  Make that more difficult by turning lights on.  Most homes have lights at front and back doors.  Don’t forget lights at the outside of garage doors.

Lock your doors and windows

Some people would say this goes without saying, but with the number of people who still leave their homes unlocked, it apparently still needs to be said.  Make it a habit to keep doors and windows locked – especially when you will be away, even for a little while.

Alter your patterns and habits

Do you always go through the same routine when you are going to be gone from home a while?  Draw the shades, turn on the same lamp, etc.?  Don’t develop patterns of action by which your being at home or away become obvious to even a casual observer.

Don’t leave “We are not at home” signals

Related to the paragraph above, when you leave home does your house just scream, “There is no one at home!”?  Lights and television sets placed on timers can help to give the appearance that the home is presently occupied (OK, if you don’t already have a timer switch, this one may require a little cash). 

Make arrangements to have your mail and/or newspapers picked up or even stop delivery.  If you will be gone for some time you should arrange for the lawn to be mowed, snow removed or any other necessary task you would carry out yourself if at home. 

Keep your shrubs and bushes trimmed

Burglars like to hide.  Don’t provide them good hiding places, particularly near doors and windows, by allowing shrubs and bushes to become overgrown.  Keep them trimmed to minimize hiding spots.

Keep your yard and property picked up

Burglars tend to be opportunists and travel light.  They don’t want to carry tools to help gain entrance into your house – and you shouldn’t provide them either!  Gardening equipment and tools, even toys laying around the yard could be used by a burglar.  Don’t make his job any easier. 

Obviously this does not provide the highest levels of home security, but it is a place to start and addresses fundamental actions that everyone can, and should, take.

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