The Best Wireless Camera Security System


The Best Wireless Camera Security System

You do not want to purchase any product meant to secure your house without feeling confident that it will perform as it’s supposed to. Finding the best wireless camera security system that fits your budget and your house’s specific needs, is key to ensuring the safety of your belongings, and more importantly, your family.

The 3 main factors to consider in order to purchase a wireless camera security system that best fits your needs:

1) Number of cameras. Most wireless camera systems come with a certain amount of cameras included and the number of cameras can vary tremendously. Some systems come with as few as two cameras while others come with up to 24. Read the manufacturer’s spec sheet to understand what square footage the system is designed for and ensure that a specific brand can cover the amount of area you desire. Do not purchase more than you need because you will overpay, and that extra money could be spent on other features.

2) Picture Quality. How much detail do you need the video feed to have? Do you want to be able to identify the faces of potential intruders or do you just need to be warned if someone is on your property that shouldn’t be. There are many levels of resolution and the higher quality the picture, the more money you will spend. You also have to decide between black and white and full color. Surprisingly, black and white systems often offer higher quality, clearer video.

3) Features. Do you want to be able to zoom in on something? Do you want the option of motion detection alarm sounding? Do you want to be able to view the video feed on your cell phone? There have been amazing technological advancements in these systems and the sky is pretty much the limit with features, if you can afford them.

There is a big difference in quality between the best wireless security cameras. To ensure that you purchase a quality product and get the best price on it, visit the free online resource, Wireless Surveillance Camera Buyer’s Guide.

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